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aboriginal grip

aboriginal grip

Notice how this native American holds the barrel with both hands close to his mouth. This is a grip used by many North an South American blowgun shootings. This grip is extremely difficut to master. It is best suited for hunting game in the forest canopy, because tip control for target shooting i

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The stances, and grips were named by the International Fukiyado Association's founder, Dr. Hironori Higuchi, Soke. There are four of each (4 x 4 x 4 ) yielding a possible 64 different stance / grip combinations. It is the good Doctor's recommendation that you should try shooting using each of these. Eliminate the ones that are not comfortable, and stay with the one that is both most comfortable, AND gives you the best grouping.

This may or may not be the combination that you instinctively use (i.e., that you used when you first picked up a blowgun, with no prior instruction). Sometimes that instinctive stance and grip is the best for us, sometimes not. You need to experience the variety to judge for yourself which is best suited for you as an individual.

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