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  1. Homemade Blowguns
    I built 2 guns for my son's today they are 4 foot by half inch electrical conduit covered with duct tape. the mouth pieces are half inch to 1 inch PVC adapters I also ported the end of the barrel to see if that helpedwith accuracy although I'm not a big fan of electrical conduit due to the rib...
  2. General Blowgun Discussion
    I have had a blowgun since I was a kid. I loved them. This forum may get me going on them again My first was a 30". Next was a 48". The acuracy was a lot better with the longer gun. Then I got an 18". I don't really like the short one. I got it to shoot in the house at short range. The 48" in...
  3. General Blowgun Discussion
    So, I am looking for a new blowgun. I am a bigger, better, fast, stronger type of guy, so I am looking for a blowgun that has the most features and performance out there. What brand/model do you guys think that might be?
1-4 of 4 Results