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20 mm blowgun ( caliber .79)

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Hello everyone,

one of my first blowguns. Caliber .79 (20 mm). I made the blowgun from a broomstick (aluminum). The tube has 106 cm. (about 3.5 ft). I made the darts out of nails and paper. The cones in the tip are reinforced with superglue. The mouthpiece I made again from a simple small funnel.

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Question to the forum, does such a large caliber still make sense? For easy shooting at home on targets?

As for breathing, I try diaphragmatic breathing and then tongue technique
for shooting.

If anyone has any tips I would be open to it?


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For just punching paper targets your 42 cal. Is perfect. As for technique I only blow from my diaphragm no curling of the tongue. As for hunting or pest control I use the .625 cal. If I were to make a blowgun I wouldn’t go any bigger than that. I personally haven’t shot one bigger then .625 but I would think you would lose velocity which is not good in hunting.
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As for technique I only blow from my diaphragm no curling of the tongue.
And how do you blow into the tube?
Do you imagine you're spitting something out?

greetings from Germany

No not spitting anything out, just press the mouth piece tight against your mouth, take a deep breath then blow out with pursed lips. Almost like you’re forming your lips to the size of the diameter of what ever gun you’re shooting. My tongue is at the bottom of my mouth as I’m forcing the air out. Now do this without moving the blowgun from the target, it takes practice but I’m sure you’ll get it.
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