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HI All, been a long while since ive been here, but i took back my passion over blowguns again,
this is my latest i call it Windstalker its a .50cal take down disguised walking stick.
I design with 3d technology and 3d printed all parts but the pipe which is a carbon.
the picatinny rail is usefull to hold a laser, a gopro, or a foregrip as seen in the pick.
Im base in UK by the way and if anyone is interested I can share the STL file to print for free.
Imagine going on hlidays somewhere and been able to just take the bits with you, arrive to destination and just had to buy a pipe,
and some stationery to keep you shooting even on holidays. Disposable blowgun.
im working on 3d printing the cones too but is taking its time.
Thanks everyone.


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