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well, I needed some accurate, consistant, and cheaper-than-dirt target darts for a .62 cal PVC blowgun.

(also for a .60 cal steel blowgun).

I have TONS of .22 casings from my buddies who shoot a lot of target .22's, and you can't reload them. So they give them to me.

i would use nails for my darts, except for one thing- they are not consistant and they are not exactly non-marking to drywall.

I actually do use 2 1/2 inch long nails with tyvek cones for lotsa stuff.

So anyway, these things fly like lightning from a pVC 4 1/2 foot Geezer blowgun. I mean FAST.

AKA no drop whatsoever at 10m.

the relatively large surface area of the .22 casing keeps them from marking walls if I make a wild shot or a ricochet.

Here is how- btw, you probably need tyvek cones or some other semi-heatproof cone.

Take .22 casing, and wash in warm soapy water- 1. it has plenty of mercury and lead on it. 2. glue doesn't stick to dirty surfaces.

then dry well(overnight works well).

Then fill with hot glue, clip about 1/8th of an inch off of a perfectly tipped cone*, and stick the cone in the glue. After letting it sit for a min, put a little glue in the cone.

Let cool. you're done.

*aka a sharp pointed tyvek or paper cone. If not, just get a hole roughly 1/12 of an inch in the end. too small, it doesn't stick together. too big, it just falls apart.

Pics tomm
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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