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Seriously. I do not have a printer at home. But I will print this target at work and post my first scores. Ideas on distance? I was thinking 20 feet? 15 maybe? I know making a video discourages a lot of potential shooters. So how about we do the honor system and just take a picture of our results.

We will have to figure out when exactly to post scores. Ideas? This could be fun.

Here is the downloadable target:

For rules on 301 see here:

We wont do double in or double out (unless you guys want to).


P.S. If enough people participate. I will offer a prize.

Some more notes. On a dartboard when playing 301 it is typical to shoot for the triple 20 mark (worth 60). Which is the inner ring inside the 20. However with the target prodived I feel the better strategy would be to go for double bullseyes which are worth 50 (the single bull on this target is very small).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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