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I have had a blowgun since I was a kid. I loved them. This forum may get me going on them again My first was a 30". Next was a 48". The acuracy was a lot better with the longer gun. Then I got an 18". I don't really like the short one. I got it to shoot in the house at short range. The 48" in the house feels like i am litterally on the target. As you can see I have a few different types of darts. Color of the darts is something that makes a big difference to me. I like to reuse them so I have found red/hot pink the easiest to spot in grass and what have you. (I need to dust them off. Where did all that saw dust come from? :huh:.) I would love to try a cold steel big bore. Tool Wood Automotive design Engineering Bicycle part
Paint Hand tool Plastic Metalworking hand tool Stationery
Sports equipment Toy Downhill ski binding Bicycle part Automotive exterior


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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