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Best regards from Germany, near Cologne

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Hi guys,

I`m Ralf from germany, I live between Cologne and Erftstadt in the west of germany.

(special greetings to the users "BGMarc" and "jmkoeln" )

As many people I know, I came from archery to blowgunning.

My guns are:

- Coldsteel Big Bore pro 5ft

- Coldsteel Big Bore 5ft 2 piece

- Selfmade cal 0.40 ; 4ft aluminium tube (od. 20mm) with wooden mouthpiece

- Selfmade cal 0.55 ; 5ft aluminium tube (od. 20mm) with Coldsteel mouthpiece

I like and use them all!

Best regards and shoot straight

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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