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Best stun darts, available over the counter or homemade

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I've got a 5 foot standard Cold Steel .625 Magnum. The standard stun darts that came with it just gets stuck. Then I've read you must just sand the cone till it fits properly. Still don't know how such an expensive item come with defective parts...

But it is fine. I like to mod everything I buy anyway.

Can anyone post a link to the best stun darts? Does not matter if it can be bought over the counter or if it is selfbuilt.

Any photos with explanations will be greatly appreaciated. I want to shoot birds smaller than doves for the purpose of fishing bait (Catfish). I want the best as I don't want them to suffer unneccesarilly. I have not yet tested the standard stun darts as I must still fix the cones.

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Seems like Cold Steel is having quality issues with all their darts. That's why I won't purchase one till they figure it out. Try making a duct cone and inserting a nail with the head leading for the tip. Works great for me.
Same problem here. Got a 4 ft pro from CS ans most of the darts stink (bamboo, stunt, broad heads). I had to trim most of them with scissors, otherwise they get stuck. Pretty bad for a company like CS.
I had problems with my darts as well but contacting CS they sent me out some replacements that did work.

Back to the subject though I really do like the CS ones they do hit hard and fly well. I thought about screwing a screw in the end to make a little heaver and harder hitting but they do hit hard in stock form.
I like the stock Cold Steel stun darts as well. It takes a lot more effort to get them out of the tube that the other dart types, but they hit pretty hard.
No, they do work after the cone is properly sized. You must have very strong lungs popedandy :thumbsu: Because there was no way I could blow mine out. I used the bamboo darts one by one to push out the stundart...

What about albasters? I know they will just roll out but I intend to only shoot them upwards. Where to buy the correct size? The ones I bought for my slingshot is too big. I do want to remain discreet. An albaster will be less of a problem in my neighbours yard than a stun dart. Nobody can hit 100% of the time, at least I can't :)
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You must have very strong lungs popedandy :thumbsu: :)
They came out just barely before I would have exploded from the backpressure. I don't shoot them much.
I've wondered about making my own stun darts too and found several variations that work well and a few things that didn't work well.

For the cones of my stun darts I've used soft drink bottle labels, thin packing tape stuck on to 1 layer of newspaper, duct tape, extruded milk jug plastic (HDPE), these HDPE cones tended to be thin and didn't hold up well with repeated use and packing tape on 1 layer of soft drink label.

In the picture below the stun dart to the left is the extruded HDPE, the red white and black cone next to it is made from a soft drink bottle label colored with maker pens, then a combination packing tape newspaper cone, a duct tape cone another packing tape cone and the cone laying down is made from a combination of packing tape on a soft drink label (notice the label design inside).

To give them weight and hitting power I used a sheet metal screw as the head and 3 copper coated steel BB's all held in place with hot glue. Try to keep the filling (BB's + hot glue) in the less than half the length of the cone toward the front keeping it to a 1/3 is better for good flight characteristics. I have used Plaster of Paris (PoP) as a fill too but made the mistake of nearly filling the cone and that wrecked the dart flight.

The BB's can be seen inside the 1st dart and just barely in the dart laying down. I used Gorilla glue in place of hot glue (duct tape dart) and it works but is more difficult to control. These stun darts are easy to make, hit surprisingly hard and are fairly robust. All of them for my .625 cal and weigh between 2.5 - 3.0 grams. Lead shot and bigger screws would increase that weight.

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