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Bike Spoke Darts

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I had some bike wheels laying around from other projects so........

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Here is a 40 cal dart and the 50 cal bike spoke dart.


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Looks good! I'm thinking about using piano wire...
Cool Beans,Bean

I tried that, but for some reason it didn't work as well as yours.

I wonder what the problem is?

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Humm there are bike spokes and then there are bike spokes...

@ Carbon

All my first darts were made of piano wire. Tough stuff. Difficult to cut and difficult to sharpen but lasted forever or until I lost one. I had trouble finding piano wire when I moved so I switched to low carbon steel Flag Wire and never looked back. Flag Wire is magnetic if that option is of interest and it can be "forged" (pounded) into mini broadheads with a little heat on the small anvil found at the rear of most vises. I bought mine at Home Depot.

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