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Blowgun Air Strippers

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Words of caution in making one are that the alignment is critical in achieving a good result in performance. If not much care is employed in make one, clipping can be a result of and can cause the dart to make extreme point of impact shifts that can become unpredictable !

Yes, there have been a lot of changes since my last bg post. I usually don't linger here I dump post and leave and come back later when time permits. I'm also jumping the gun here a bit, there is a lot of missing info between then and now. But that's okay this is the most interesting one. Strippers that is, I mean bg Air Stripper. lol

"I have been working on designing Air Strippers for 50 cal blow guns. Being that the length is only 4 feet long I'm over driving the darts. The over excess muzzle blast has been causing spiraling problems even with heavier weighted darts. I'm very pleased with the Strippers they have been helping out on the accuracy and it make a (huuuuuurrrrrrrrr) sound to confirm fallow through ! My blow gun friends are excited and seem to be amazed at the fact that when you blow has hard as you can through the stripper onto your other hand you don't feel any air coming out from the front of it !"

This is my Wife's Blowgun!
She shoots great, I have been doing the dishes for weeks now !

In the construction of the 50 cal Strippers on the left, I used Specula cut offs for the 1st and 2nd stage.

The body tube is from an epoxy putty container.

The inside diameter is slightly larger than the Specula so I added a couple of wraps of tape to make up the difference and CA it in place. Cut and sized a hole on the bottom as the muzzle end. The connection fitting I use is a CPVC female adaptor fitting that need to be sanded down to fit into the tube end.

The one on the bottom right is for a CS bg .62" bore size and has the most unusual sound (twoooooowwwoooorrrr with a reverberation) due to its back porting only from the Quiver I sanded down to fit into the clear flexible Lexan tube.

This one below is the most effective but it's fragile and easily damage and misaligned if bumped.

This one's adjustable and used as an experimental unit, I just CA the 2nd stage and the 1st stage can slide back and forth.

It also makes a different much softer sound (whooooooooush).

First stage positioning: Placed too close to the muzzle end will have very little effect on stripping the air away. Placed too far away will give the blast more time to influence the dart in changing its course. The two extremes will defeat the purpose of the stripper to do what its design for. The first stage remove the majority of the blast about 85% .The second stages removes any residuals that make its way through the first stage. The length of the stripper is about for every foot of bg to an inch or so.

This is a short video on the dart below with the Stripper on the sound doesn't seem the same when recorded.
5x5 @ 42' using a 50 cal bg 1.5" bulls.

My new composite dart made of brass tip with flagwire point and graphite rod shaft.

For those of you that like PVC bgs this is a hot and dirty cheap set up for 50 cal 5 and or 4 footer. The CPVC measurement is very very close if not exactly the same as the aluminum original. Make sure both pipes are cleaned before installing. The CPVC slides right into a CS .62" bore bg a perfect fit. If your CS bg is a bit larger you can use a couple of wraps of masking tape around the CPVC at one foot increments to get it to fit in snugly. I have been using the 50 cal cone from Target Zone in this bg and it fits perfectly, same ID!

Not sure how much the diameter specification varies, so you need to check it before buying.

I cut a section of ½" Schedule 40 PVC pipe and heated it up with a torch, slipped it over the 50 cal bg and added on a CS pro mount piece.
I got the idea of inlaying a rare earth magnet under the mouth piece from pgandy if I remembered correctly, it works great !

My clean out darts are easier and faster than pull through and push through, just blow it through!

~ GKU, cu
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Hi GKU, love your work and have learnt a lot from your posts BUT this has gone way over my head !! Looks cool but way to technical for me !! What about if I just drill some holes in the last three inches of my blowgun !!! LOL
Hi GKU, love your work and have learnt a lot from your posts BUT this has gone way over my head !! Looks cool but way to technical for me !! What about if I just drill some holes in the last three inches of my blowgun !!! LOL
Thanks for all that slingashot, I appreciate it !

I believe Geezer did that to his PVC blowgun a wail back.

I had no luck doing this it cause the blow gun to become less accurate because of the hole are touching the cone when passing through caused an imbalance to occur. Mines on the other hand don't touch the cone for a more even air escaping throughout. It also strips away (peel away) the air more effectively with its conical baffles with no uneven back air to influence it out of alignment. It's kind of like hand throwing the dart there is no air behind it once it leave the Air Stripper just its momentum. In other words the dart is flying by its seat of its pants !

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