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Blowgun wall holder/display

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I have been looking for a way to hang my blowguns on a wall and finally think I found the right item. There are small replacement plastic clips used for hanging a pool cue. They're actually fairly cheap on Amazon and wonder if anyone else has used the same. Plan is to mount a few of these across a 10" long oak board. The board would then be attached to the wall. I'll try to remember and send some pictures once they come in in a couple of weeks.
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Cue sticks are racked vertically to avoid warpage. I hope to construct a rack similar to a cue rack except it will have short pegs at the bottom to secure the muzzles and probably pieces of rope between the upper and lower sections so I can adapt it if I want to rack longer barrels.
I took a 2" wide by 24" oak board and attached the pool cue clips. The CS needed a larger distance from the wall so I added a small block. All of the others are 40 and 50 cal. The clips were from Amazon and were cheap.

The way I see it is BGs are to be displayed...unless you are in California, Massachusetts or the other forbidden areas.


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Thanks, much appreciated.

The clips are made for 2 screws but only used 1 screw in the top. This was due to the way they hang in an improvised mount. I let gravity do its thing and they hang straight.
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