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Carbon fiber/other composite tubing blowpipes

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So I have been playing with composites recently.

I am convinced it is the way to go.

Most of my work has involved paper, hide glue, and jute fibers, and some hemp fibers.

I thought of carbon fiber tubing-

1. It is EXTREMELY stiff. Far stiffer per weight than just about nearly anything.

2. It is EXTREMELY light- combine that with stiffness..... near perfect material

3. Waterproof.

4. Bloody expensive.

Well, the first 3 are good.

.55 cal paper-tyvek-hemp tubing is pretty dang stiff.

And waterproof.

And the urathane applied dries to a hard finish.

And it weighs nearly nothing.

And it costs nearly nothing.


Thinking what I am?
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What are you using for a mandrel?


Composites have a lot of advantages. But if I was to do anything I think I'd do a composite "wrap" around a 4-5' 1/2 PVC. Would add very little weight for a LOT of stiffness which the PVC lacks.
well, the PVC would still weigh enough to make it sag....
I dunno. Maybe......

It's awful hard to beat CS's aluminum ones......
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