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Hi folks,
A decade has passed since my last wave of participation on this forum. Over the last couple of years I've perfected a recipe for the most lethal, durable, accurate, and easy-to-make darts that I've ever used. By utilizing components that match the 2.5mm diameter of factory cold steel metal darts ( both mini and razor), my system allows for the use of both the factory cones and factory points. I've made lethal broadheads ranging from 25 gn up to 130gn total dart weight (normal CS broadhead is appx. 76 gn). See for yourself the benefits of forward balanced darts! Say goodbye to wonky flight!

Caution! Don't sand/cut carbon (or steel for that matter) without ventilation and/or respiratory protection!

The shopping list:
-Cold Steel broadhead darts and/or mini-broadheads
-2.5mm diameter x 500mm carbon rods (400 and 200mm also common)
-2.5mm ID 3mm OD stainless steel capillary tube
-Hotmelt or Bohning archer's hot glue (you can use super glue, but hot melt lets you tinker)

The tool list:
-rotary cutting tool or equivalent (dremel)
-Abrasive / grinding capability- sandpaper and hands is good enough but a grinder is better
-torch/lighter if using hot melt glue
-grain scale

Carbon rods are available on Ebay, aliexpress. Capillary tube is available on Ebay.

Construction is basically self-explanatory. First, cut your capillary tube into 1-2" increments. Cut the point off of a broadhead dart, glue that sucker into the capillary tube, glue carbon into the other side of the tube, add a cone, make sure it's all straight, and you're done! A grain scale is useful to standardize dart formulas. I use lineman's pliers to clip the metal darts, then square the end on a belt grinder.

To mount the larger broadheads you need a small stainless tube sold as a bead on Ebay to shim between the metal shaft and the 2.5x3mm capillary tube, and plenty o' glue. Harder to make these fly straight without large amounts of front weight or a long shaft to stabilize.

Although the darts shown here are broadheads, this method works well for target darts / stumpers too. If you have archery foam, they're all target darts anyway.

It can be useful to glue the cones.

I sharpen on the belt grinder, makes it quick and easy.
Feel Free to DM with questions

Good luck, practice hard
Thanks for reading!

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This post made me sign up for the forums.
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