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Looking for opinions, better yet anecdotes and even better test results:

Swaged lead balls cost upward of $8.00 for 100 rounds of Hornady muzzle loading balls in .315 caliber 8 cents a round or more.

Chilled lead shot seems to run upward of $27.00 for #5 of #0 lead shot or .32 calier which will yeild about 708 rounds or a bit under 4 cents a round.

Swaged runs about 47 grains while #0 buck runs about 49 grains a round.

BTW #000 buck is closer to 496 rounds in a #5 bag 70 grains plus a tad bit.

Chilled shot at half the price is also likely to deform less then swaged shot on impact.

How much less likely?

How much additional risk or ricochet?

How much more noise when hitting a rock or concrete backstop?

How much more likely to damage a steel roof or silo wall after passing through or missing a barnyard target?

The chilled shot will have graphite coating. Lead will just be soft and erode a tiny bit in the pocket. I am thinking health wise the chilled shot may be preferable.

Any insight from the forum is appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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