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Cold steel 4-ft pro and non-pro model

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So I played around with my 3 foot 50 cal blowgun one piece and I really actually enjoy it. So much so that I decided to go ahead and invest in a 625 4-ft Cold steel.

I noticed that the pro model is not compatible with the extension. Not that I like the idea of an extension but I kind of wonder if I should have that option for the future.

I also noticed that the pro was the same price as the regular version. If I really get into this hobby I may want to build a longer one piece myself. If that's the case then I wouldn't even need the extension. the idea of a two-piece assembly kind of turns me off anyway.

So since they were the same price I went ahead and ordered the pro version especially if I ever do use it for hunting I don't want it to get dropped and damaged. What are you guys think did I make a mistake should I went with the thin wall version?

The way I see it I have the 50 cal for practicing in my room or around the house when I want to go and seriously hunt I'll take the 625 pro and not worry about maybe slipping and falling and denting my blow gun. Plus since I only be using it to take shots while hunting it's not like the weight of it would be an issue because I'm repeatedly shooting it.

I Also I like to hunt deer with my rifle I'm told that the 625 pro can act as a monopod. I think that'll be a plus. That's my thinking behind the whole thing anyway.

I want to thank the creators of the blowgun forum. And thanks to all the members who read and may have answered some of my questions. Who would have known the stuff is pretty fun?
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The 4 foot pro is a good choice . In the original Cold Steel demo video it boasts that it can be used as a striking weapon and walking stick . It's extremely sturdy . The regular wall tube is plenty strong and not easily damaged . I have a 4 foot pro but prefer the lighter weight of the standard tube . I have extensions but never use them . I favor the 5 foot two piece model .They're both good .
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