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Cold Steel 5ft 2pc.

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I received my 2pc today from Midwayusa and shot a few hundred darts . I love it! The quality is there. The two piece connector has fine threads and it is dead on straight. I bought an extra 250 darts .They were on sale.($8/50pc) Out of all the cones only one was slightly out of round but still shot well after fixing it.It appears Cold steel finally fixed the deformed cone issue. This thing shoots great with the spear head darts. I was hitting a dinner plate from 75 ft.Really buried the dart in my archery foam block.Shot a tin can from 10 ft and the dart passed right through leaving the cone behind. Shooting this today renewed my blowgun passion again. I'm pleased and would recommend the 2pc model.
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That's very good news about those cones unless it's a fluke. Thanks for posting.
75 feet?? That's some great shooting. We actually stock this product at our store. It's a great blowgun. If you have a minute, swing by our shop and leave a review about it. Cold Steel 60"
I am glad it rekindled your interest. Without which we wouldnt have such great shots by you!
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Thank you Natural Fork.
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It is indeed a very nice blowgun.. That is the model I decided to get after watching many of your videos. One day I hope to be able to shoot half as well as you do.
In my opinion you are mistaken. Let's discuss it. Write to me in PM.
Hello friends
Im looking for a cold rolled steel material. If you dont know what this looks like by name it is steel that is pressed and formed by cold rollers. This usually leave a slight discoloration at the edges.

Anybody seen or have something like this?
thanks for the good review. got the slockmaster version on order
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