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Here is a basic cutout example of the tool I used for making perfect cones ..... cone goes in with dart shaft going through hole and cone resting on support shelf .... then cut with a razor blade. Cones were perfect every time. The hole in the bottom of the jig is of upmost importance to keep the cone level while cutting. You hold on to the shaft or clamp it down so the dart itself does not move !

Jig was made using a piece of old barrel tube and a wooden plug with a hole in it, the cone would be spot on and perfectly shaped. Today you could 3D print this jig and it would be much easier.

More goodies to follow as I remember ;- )



That was an example of my old basic cone making jig so I could make cones without using the muzzle of my blowgun.

What jigs have you folks come up with to make a better dart ? Any special tools you use ? cutters, glues, etc, etc ?
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