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So I was thinking. Inner diameter of your blowpipe x pi equals the circumference .. then if you did the same thing for the diameter (roughly) of the shaft you ar attaching to .. couldn't you come up with a very easy template for uniform hassle free cone making?

Something like the following? Of course you would add a little extra length for the overhang where you would tape or glue the cone.

Note that this illustration was done in 30 seconds in paint and does not represent any actual measurements ... just gives an idea. I will actually work out the math and get an image together in GIMP and make some cones to see how they come out.


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you need the periphery of circle of your BG-caliber = 2r x Pi = d x Pi = U1

for example you shoot a .625 0,625 inch x 3,1416 = 1,964 inch

16mm 16mm x 3,1416 = 50,27mm

1/4 circle will get a nice cone, so you need 1,964 + a little for the glue = 2,1inch

50,27mm + a little for the glue = 53mm

so a the periphery of the full circle, U2 = 4 x U1

4 x 2,1inch = 8,4inch

4x 53mm = 212mm

the radius of this circle r2 = U2 : 2 : Pi r2 = 8,4 inch : 2 :3,1416 = 1,34inch

r2 = 212mm : 2 : 3,1416 = 33,7mm

if you want a slimmer cone, you can take U2 = 6 x U1, than you need a segmet of the circle of 60°

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