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Demountable blowguns?

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Hello everyone,

what do you think of divisible/dismantled blowguns?
I have read that they are often not perfect.

Best regards

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My son takes a two piece cold steel blowgun everywhere, he hasn’t had any problems with its accuracy or keeping up to his daily abuse. I recommend if you’re considering a threaded one to cover the threads with something so they don’t get damaged. If it’s a two piece that just slides into one another then make sure it’s a really tight fit. I have also read that a two piece blowgun doesn’t perform as good as a one piece due to the connection but that hasn’t been my experience over the past 35+ years of shooting. My son has been shooting for roughly 10 years and he loves his two piece in fact he has had the same one for 10 years already and still no issue. So go for it if that’s what you’re considering. I’ll also add that the cold steel two piece model without the extension has my approval. We bought a short extension for it but that’s when we seen the issue of in accuracy due to it just sliding onto the end so we never use that piece anymore.
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@one shot

Thank you for your detailed reply!
I've now bought a blowgun from Amazone. One piece (94 cm) .40 caliber + 25 darts and 25 stun-dards.

In a way it feels like a betrayal since I didn't build the blowgun myself. But there are some things that you just can't build so well at home.


Nothing wrong with having both DIY and factory built, just for fun we use to line up coke cans at 20-25 feet / over 7 meters and use the stun darts to practice.
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