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Electronic Blowgun Darts

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I ran across some soft-tip blowgun darts (.40 cal) on Ebay, that let you shoot them at electronic dart boards. Wow! Are they ever fun. One caution though: Unless you plan on shooting from 20 or 30 yards, you'll want to take your blowpipe apart and shoot with just a 2' or 3' section. Otherwise, the dart hits so hard it will bounce back out and fly who knows where. I get a lot of double takes when I take them into a pub and shoot at the dart boards.

I got 100 of these for $4.00+ shipping.
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BlowgunsNW (now out of business) used to sell them. First saw them in '03 - Bruce Bell had both the target and throwing darts of that style.
I really want to try these. I would use my 3 footer .40 cal. Think that is still overpowered?
That is what Bruce Bell used to show me how it worked, back in '03. Indoors - 30 ft.
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