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G'day from South Australia

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Been a member and a silent browser for some time now but thought it was about time I said g'day to you all. I have learnt so much about making and shooting blowguns on the forums and appreciate you all sharing your knowledge and advice. I will not be a prolific poster but will always be in the background keeping up with what's going on in the BGF. I will also be aiming to get some of the qualifier badges !!

By the way, Blowguns are totally banned down here, so have to be a little careful, if you know what I mean !!
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Thanks for the warm welcome my fellow Blowgunners !!
There was a national sport blowgun association in Oz a decade or so ago, mate. But as soon as they found out that blowguns are banned, they went officially out of business. I might still have an old contact at home if you're interested, can't promise that they are still online.
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