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Hi all, from North Dakota here, yeah Fargo (like the movie) and very new to all things blowguns.

Funny thing is reading the forums this morning I saw a LOT of familar names from the Slingshot Channel.

Imagine that!

Anyway I'm 61, (Yes that makes me an old fart)

I've got a 40 cal terminator 4 foot blowgun, plus I've built a PVC blowgun, and darts.

Learned a few things this morning like using a zip tie for a sighting device. Now thats brilliant!

Currently I find myself much more accurate with the .40 cal, and it takes less breath. I'm hoping if I shoot some every day in a year I'll find the bigger PVC blowgun works better for me.

My main goal at this point is I'd like to be able to combine both blowgun and slingshot into a single dual purpose weapon.

My best slingshot at this point would be called a "Slingshot Rifle" being about 3 feet long. There is no lock, or release, only having a raised point at the rear to rest the palm of my hand on, to help hold the tension and get consistent release.

I'm married (17 years, married late) with a single step daughter, and 2 adorable grandchildren.

I'm retired for health reasons, my interests are wide and widely varied.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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