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Has anyone read these books on blowguns?

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Blowguns: The Breath Of Death by Michael Janich

Blowgun Techniques: The Definitive Guide to Modern and Traditional Blowgun Techniques

Both of these books look pretty good. Anyone read them? If so, do they offer any particularly good info that we might not find on a forum like this?
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Looks like link leads to the same book. I have read and own both. The second helped me more. Not sure if they have information Neondog does not know about.
Fixed the link. I think I am going to get the second one, if you think it is better.
Interesting, I might have to pick them up.
They have a nice deal on both of them at the bottom. I think I would go for that, but I already have them.
I wonder is there really any info in the books that is not on or can be shared here on the forum????
The Definitive Guide has received several four or five sttar ratings. This mostly due to the depth of coverage on (almost) all blowgun related subjects. I'm confident that almost all if not all of the material could be stumbled upon but consider that book a handy quick reference.

Naturally, he didn't cover every conceivable bore size or dart type. That would require several large volumes.
Bought them both off ebay this morning. Will look forward to their arrival. Thanks for posting these Aaron.
You mean there's more to know than just exhale really hard?

I never read instruction manuals.
You mean there's more to know than just exhale really hard?

I never read instruction manuals.
Dude, that is the basic idea! But these books have a lot of useful information.
I have those, and a few others by Dr. Marinas, and Dr. Higuchi (founder of the sport). Including his original "Sport Blogun Health Method" pamphlet in Japanese. I also have written two -

Blowgunning For Beginners

Fukiyado: The Way of the Sport Blowgun

The 2nd one is in text-book format. It is my teaching method.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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