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Heavy walled aluminum tubes!

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Nice prices and the shipping was quite reasonable the last time I bought from them.


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These are a couple tubes that I got from Online-Metal a few years ago. I need to make some darts and try to decide which bore works best for me. The bottom tube is not heavy walled BUT it will slide inside a Cold Steel Magnum like it was made for it. The top tube is only slightly thicker than standard but it also has a sweet fitting aluminum wrapper waiting for it.

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Short answer is no but I have better responses. To clarify, no, I haven't tried them. I know that longer is better. If your paintball adversary is a block away and has a long gun, don't charge at him with a pistol. Now that covid has died down and the weather is getting nice, I am hoping to get some darts whipped up for my six foot .555. I know I'll like it but I also have the .58 and I'm wondering if I'll have enough wind for that one. I'm getting old. :-(
Played with my stainless fifty today because I had darts for it and I'm hoping to get in a little head to head competition with rat hunter here in a month or two.
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