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Wonderful to find this forum!

Living in the UK means strict laws on hunting and weapons.. not that this has ever stopped me. I have been tinkering with blowguns for years on and off and just recently completed my first ever 'serious' build where I have really considered the dynamics of such a tool.

The build consists of a sturdy 4ft steel broom handle chopped off on both ends, slightly opened out (to help darts in and out more easily) and with the original plastic tube caps from various other brooms on each end to help prevent dents. I wrapped it in black electrical insulation tape followed by a second wrap in camo PVC tape (which has since been ruined from other tape pulling off the ink) The quiver was made from rings of cork with holes just big enough for my darts to fit nice and snug.

The darts I have been making are made from bike spokes sharpened to a point on one end and then glued to a cone made from cork (the slightly more plastic corks you can get from bottles of wine) with a rubber washer on the back. All sanded using a drill and a disk sanding machine. I made a batch of 5 inch and 7 inch darts. The 5 inch fly a lot better.

I have done lots of reading up on the Cold Steel Big Bore blow guns a lot of you guys have in the States and just recently purchased the same aluminium tubing here in the UK to make a 5 foot (plus 2 foot extension) .625 cal blowgun. I was also hoping that I might therefore be able to purchase some Cold Steel dart cones or something similar for this cal to help make darts a lot faster for practising with. Anyone else from the UK know of a good way of getting them here?

Cannot wait to read through more of the posts and see what you guys get up to. No doubt ill have lots of questions soon enough.



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