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Hello. I have been a member of the other Blowgun forum, but it seems slow now. My interest began in 1982 after seeing Love and Bullets with Charles Bronson on TV. In the show he makes a blowgun out of a pipe from a lamp, nails and paper. I promptly made one out of an old tent pole and bike spokes. I bought my 1st Jivaro later that year, had it shipped to a cousin in Reno (since I lived in California). And so began my obsession. I live in Nevada now, and my collection in in the 20s. My most recent is a Tim Wells, (on left) I added a fishing pole to shoot carp in the river that flows though my backyard.
In the collection i have 5 Jivaro, 3 Yaqua (from the back of magazines for years) J.R. Stupero, many cheap .38 or .40 cal. 5 homemade, two hand carved from the Philippines, one from Amazon basin. I make many of my own darts. I've even knapped some tips from obsidian.
Glad to be here.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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