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Hello from Germany

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After building my fist BG in 1980 I rediscovered my interest in BGs while surfing around the net 2 years ago.

So I went to the attic and searched for my old 100m/0.40 BG.

It made a lot of fun and the BG skills I trained during my childhood were not lost.

Same night I ordered a 5ft CS Pro and started to build my own BGs and darts a few days later.

After reading a lot helpful things in other forums about blowgunning I decided to check in here.

Maybe I can give or find some tips.

Actually Im shooting several differnt lengths and calibers starting from 100cm/0.40 to 210cm/0.625.

My favorite BG is th 5ft CS Pro with homemade 40cm corbon darts.

So a big hello from Germany,

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Welcome to the forum, looking forward to reading tips from you, and hopefully I can return the favor....

Willkommen! You'll have to share some pics of those darts.
I´ll try to upload some pics.

Font Rectangle Parallel Electric blue Circle

"Länge läuft"- "Lentgh runs" as known from ships, torpedos und spearguns.

These darts are made of 2,5mm carbon tubes with a length of 40 cm. 0.625 CS cones are superglued to the end and plastic broadheads wireinforced and glued to the top. Very well balanced and with a weigth of 2.5 gr even good for Long distance shoots.They are very accurate and powerfull.

I also use 5mm Bamboodarts with a langth of 40cm and weigth up to 6.5 gr., but only on short distances.

Heres aonther pic of a quiver i build. Just some tablettubes (eg. magnesia for sportlers) camouflagetaped and hotglued together. Some wraps of paracord and two slings to fix it to a belt. Paracord could be used for infield tubecleaning.

Gun accessory Fashion accessory Metal Electronics accessory Wood

hope You like that stuff


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Welcome to the forum.

Love the quiver. I made one out of duct tape..I'm liking yours better..Did you have an instructable to build it?
Hi Cervantes!

Duct tape always work!

If U wanna build a quver like this, you dont need really a instructable - it´s quite easy!

Most needed is mentioned with the pic and for details - just be creative - You´re blowgunner! ;-)
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