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Hello from south of the border

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Hi everyone,

I am so excited about finding this form. I just bought a cold steel blowgun and I am going to go pick it up this week or next week. I am new to the blowgun so I am excited about it all. I have a question does anyone know if it is illegal to take a blowgun into Mexico. I guess I should of found out before I bought it lol. I assume maintenance is pretty easy on them. Any advice would be appreciated.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone,

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Welcome to the forum . You made a good choice in blowgun . I'm not familiar with the laws in Mexico . The blowgun requires minimal maintenance. An occasional cleaning and swabbing of the barrel interior is all . Practice and have fun doing it . Challenge yourself . Good luck !
Thank yall for the kind welcome!
Alan, I've brought several into Mexico the last of which were Cold Steels. No problem with bringing it through. If you are concerned just dismantle it and place the parts in different areas of the vehicle. I live in the Lake Chapala area just south of Guadalajara.
Hi Teach,

Thank you so much for the information. I cant break mine down. We live in Zacatecas. I was just wondering how it was in Lake Chapala? My wife and I were thing about driving down next summer.

Are there any hotel that is reasonable in the area? You know all the safety questions. thanks again! If you would like to email me you
So to be clear, they are not illegal in Mexico and you can bring them across the border? I’m moving down in two weeks and would love to bring my blowgun
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