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Hi folks,

I'm not new to blowguns but have been away from shooting them for many years. I have been into shooting slingshots almost exclusivity for the past couple of years and decided getting back into blowguns would be fun as well. I just found the forum and hope some of you folks that are actively shooting blowguns can answer some questions I have about the newer .625" blowguns. The largest bore I had available when I was last shooting blowguns was the .40 caliber. I just recently picked up a pair of Cold Steel Tim Wells signature edition blowguns to get myself and my son started back shooting. No question I will be getting us both a good quality 4' one piece .40 caliber like we used to shoot very soon. I appreciate all the answers I can get.

Thanks in Advance Guys
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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