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4' .357 cal. 2' .50 cal, 3' .50 cal, 4' .50 cal carbon fiber, 5' .625 cal 2 piece, 5' .625 cal
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Hey everyone, sorry, but I'm no good with introductions.
I grew up in California where I could never get a proper blowgun due to legal restrictions, but from a young age I discovered how to make a dart fly through a tube. I spent my younger years trying out different materials to make darts, and propel them through whatever sort of tube I could find. I would use needles, skewers, wire, and various pieces of cotton, yarn, foam, etc. to make darts. For the pipe I would use PVC pipe, old airsoft barrels, and any random bits of tubing I could find.
I recently moved to the Mojave desert in Nevada and now own several proper blowguns which I enjoy shooting at any piece of foam, cardboard, wood, or plastic I can find. I plan to design and 3D print new and exotic ammunitions for blowguns. Currently my collection is as follows:
.357 cal 4'
.50 cal 2'
.50 cal 3'
.625 cal 5'
1 - 3 of 3 Posts