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.62 cal 4' long.
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I already know a few of y'all from slingshots. Small world and such.

Well, being from TN and raised by a river we cut river cane for bean poles for extra cash... and beans in the garden. Of course, made blowguns out of them and pvc and copper pipe. Also I had learned the Cherokee Nation had blowguns from a guest speaker in Boy Scouts at Camp Buck Toms about a million years ago.

Recently I made the purchase of CS .62 4' blowgun ( the heavy one ) when I discovered my old 36" .40 cal in the closet. I am hooked for sure.

So I am here to learn the waya of blowing after researching Youtube.

Thank you.
Much appreciated.

Below is my best group on day 2 from 11 yards still developing my chops, lings, and technique. My cheeks are a little sore.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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