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Hello to all from Nottingham England, Micky not Robin Hood !

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Just discovered blowguns and have jumped in with both feet! Waiting for delivery of seamless stainless steel five foot tube from a supplier, 10 mm id 12mm od, making the mouth piece from a convex shaped paxalin door knob,which I am modifying for purpose,ammo from Amazon supplier,and looking ahead to make and modify my own.and of course trying to hit the targets.
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Sounds like you are going to have quie the kit. You might drop us a few pictures when you get it set up. I am looking for a convex shaped paxalin door knob image and finding nothing. I have used a crutch tip on a home built blowgun.
Hi Ridge Runner,picked up the tube yesterday,came as a two metre length ,going to reduce it by about a foot to see how it feels,the ammo
From Amazon has a bit of flash on it,so I will have to make sure the darts/bolts are sized properly ,if it is appearing to be a bit too on size I think I will ask in what increments the internal dimension go up in,as a ten thou increase in diameter will make a big difference to the results.
The door knob is/was a standard paxolin old type brown coloured one with a slight concave dish , I drilled it out to twelve mm ,and a mate down at my local engineering shop dished it more on the lathe, as soon as I can find the time I am going to have a play with it!
I have a few ideas I am going to try out work and weather permitting.Cheers Micky
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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