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Henna Cones?

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A friend of mine got some Henna art done on her arm at a local theme park a couple weeks ago. It struck me today that the applicators they used looked very similar to the dart cones that they use in Japan, just with a larger diameter. Anyway, I bet if you could find a place to buy them, they would make very easy and quick semi premade dart cones.
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Looks like they are made of mylar sheets.
hmm very nice .50 a piece may be a little pricy though. I wonder if they would do a large order discount.
Actually, it looks like they are made from 1.2 mil Floraphane:
FSS Floraphane
The video made it look easy. Will try their way tonight I hope.
Wonder if the Mylar or Floraphane is better...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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