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I've not seen anyone post a similar quiver on here so thought I'd throw up one that I had made years ago and it still serves me well through to today. I got so tired of impaling myself on the points of the darts sticking out of the front of the factory type quivers and I thought there had to be a better way. In the book "Blowguns - The Breath of Death" there are similar ones described but the construction methods differ somewhat. It's where I got the idea and just built it my way.

This quiver is made from an old 35mm camera film canister that was kicking around. What you can not see from the photos is inside the black section is a second black canister cut down with holes drilled into it to receive the points of the darts keeping them nicely aligned in the quiver.

The holes in the grey section (lid) were not drilled but rather poked through with the actual darts themselves creating a very firm friction fit that does not allow the darts to rattle, move, or accidentally come loose and fall out.

The bottom of the black section has no holes for the darts as this keeps the sharp points of the darts safely tucked away inside of it and away from your skin and clothing.

The main holes that accommodate the blowgun barrel passing through the canister were made a 1/16th inch smaller than the OD of the BG barrel. After cutting those holes with an electric drill and a hole saw I heated the canister in boiling water for a short while then removed it from the water and slid it over the barrel of the BG while the plastic was still in a softer state. This gave a really snug fit.

This quiver is NOT suitable for target practice as it is not conducive to shot after shot practice. But for field work where you might only get off one shot or more......for hunting it's great and far safer to use than the quivers that come with most BG's.

Notice the paper cones that have been coated with Bright Coloured Nail Polish. They are not much to look at but they sure work well and hold up very well until you pull a Robin Hood.

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