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How do you add weight to your bg?

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Many shooters add extra weight to their bgs. Mostly by slipping the main pipe into antother pipe. I've tested some different ways to add lenghts of copper pipe to my bgs. A 2 feet length in the middle of the main pipe, two 1 foot lengths at the ends of the main pipe and some other fancy configurations......They all have their advantages and disadvantages......

What is your favourite way to bring some extra-grams to your pipe......and why this specific way?

Thax for your participation!
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One idea is to wrap copper wire around the bore and then wrap with electrical tape . Will look clean and neat any amount can be added . Solder wire is denser and heavier and would work well also .
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You don't mention your BG OD or how much weight you want to add. I find handles from crutches make a nice and useful addition. Foam bicycle handles would be similar. Camoflage tape adds a bit. Fimo can add useful components if you have a way to bake it. Hair Dryer and lots of patience perhaps. My go to method is to start with heavier walled barrel.
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