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I'm new to this.Have been enjoying shooting the blowgun and darts I made but all of my cones are different lengths. What's a east way to make paper cones and them all be the same size? Mine are still fairly accurate but I could fine tune the accuracy if I could get some consistency.

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To make hollow film cones: An alternative to cork style bore seals.

  • Select and set up a proper cone form. Some have successfully used items such as a Plumb bob, Funnel, form molded in a countersink hole or from some other existing cone shaped item. If you have a male form and want a female form make the required form from the available form.
  • Select your forming material. Some possibilities include: Sheet protectors, Parchment, Vellum, Tyvek, Paper, etc. If using tape you will modify these instructions significantly.
  • Form your initial cone with the tail longer than required around the entire perimeter.
  • Make adjustments to the shape of the angle at the point of the cone to provide the amount of overlap you desire for adhesive bond.
  • Form the first cone with mild adhesive or temporary tape.
  • Place your blowgun over the cone and mark where the cone meets the blowgun bore. Often accomplished by pressing lightly and twisting contact.
  • Remove the formed cone from the form.
  • Cut the tip from the cone about 90-99% of the size to allow the shaft to securely fit in the formed cone.
  • Break the adhesive bond to open the new cone. This will become your initial pattern.
  • Lay the pattern flat and cut that portion that was outside the blowgun bore to form your template or pattern for cone materials.
  • Your pattern should look something like a pie piece removed from a large fender washer with the overlapping tab whatever extended shape you design to facilitate edge bonding.
  • Make an adequate stack of cut shaped material. Your first batch should be small enough that you are not frustrated if the second batch needs slight modifications.
  • Wrap your form with cut pieces and line up the skirt edge while bonding the cones individually.
  • Remove and repeat to create your stock of raw cones from your stock of cut shapes.
  • Allow bonds to cure as appropriate.
  • Make a frame to hold shafts in place as cones bond to shafts. One option is a board with holes for shafts drilled in a grid pattern. Another is a platform with shafts laying horizontal and tail ends over the edge slightly. Finally a pattern of holes through an elevated shelf with tips below and cones facing down into countersink holes.
  • Attach cones to shafts and bond and allow to secure appropriately.
  • Store fabricated darts in proper conditions.
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