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How do you guys trim your cones?

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As the title implys, how do you guys trim your cones? When I'm trimming I put the cone in the muzzle of my blowgun, mark it with a sharpie, then trim it to fit with scissors. This works pretty well but it is slow and alittle inconsistent. Is there a better way? Sorry if this has been answered before but I have been through this section front to back and did not find an answer.
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I would also like a better method . I do it like you . Seems like my Cold Steel darts are better than the ones I make .
My Cold Steel darts are more constant in sizing, but they are not as good as some of the cones I make. about 3 out of 5 cones I make shoot awsome, the other 2 out of 5 are usually too small and are unuseable.
Same problem here, consistency is a problem. One thing I want to start doing is using a plumb Bob, or something similar to form my "grocery bag" brown paper cones around. That way all my cones would be the same length. I mark my cones in the end of my blowgun tube also.
I've seen cones made from milk jugs, heated with a propane torch, and pressing a plumb Bob into the hot plastic to form cones.Then you sharpen a piece of tubing your blowgun pipe is made out of, like a hole punch and use it to cut the cones from the milk jug. Thought I would pass this along, I couldn't get the hang of it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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