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Howdy from a Mile High!

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What's up everybody? Just found this forum. I've been blowgunning for 40ish years. Started with an empty Bic pen and spit wads in school.馃榿 It's continued on and off over the years.

I've been back into knife throwing (also a childhood thing) in the last few years, until this last spring. I had a total shoulder replacement surgery in May, which put a temporary hard stop on my throwing anything.
I had some scrap pipe and a lot of boredom. Made a 36" bore pvc gun, and darts from extruded hdpe(spray bottle) and windshield wiper support rails. They work quite well!
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Roughly 4" at 22'; not bad for a 1-armed gimp.馃榿 Knife inserted for scale. I love knives too btw! Harnds just might make the best axis lock that's not a Benchmade, and at a fraction of the price!
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Hey, I know you from r/blowguns, I'm the one that was posting about blowgun books lol. Welcome to the forum!
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Hehe, awesome! How's things?

Most of my hobbies tend to be gear intensive and/or expensive(skiing, golf, knives). I like that I don't have to spend much, if anything, for blowgun stuff. I like making fun things!
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Pretty good, and you?
I try to keep my hobbies cheap, but somehow always end up spending way more than I initially planned. I used to have to make my own blowguns when I lived in California(Read: "found some PVC pipe"). But now that I can actually buy commercial blowguns I've got a nice little collection that I'm growing, gotta have every length and caliber right?
I've been trying to get back into knife throwing, but I'm gonna need a little more practice still.
One of these days I'll get around to making a nice custom blowgun as well as a few traditional ones, but I'm still working on getting my workshop set up right now.
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