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Well, as you can see from my handle, I have lived a long time and over the years I have had a lot of fun with blowguns, bows and arrows, slingshots, whips, bolos, knives, axes, guns and such. I have made about a dozen blowguns over the years. My first was made while in college. I used a 5' piece of copper tube, shooting 6" darts made from coat hanger wire ahead of a ball of cotton. Back in the day, I used to go to the town dump and shoot rats. There were always a couple of guys there shooting them with .22 rifles. I would just wait for a close target and "PHOOOOOF" a rat was pinned to a log or piece of trash. A quick secont dart finished him off. The first time I did it those riflemen said, "what the (&*%$&) was that?

My current blowgun is 6', 1/2" aluminum pipe, covered with leather. The mouth piece is also made from leather. My favorite darts are made from 8" of spring steel wire.

At one point I had a "real" 8 ft Native blowgun from Ecuador. I still have the quiver and darts.

This forum looks interesting.
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