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Is aiming different than target shooting due to elevation differences?
What is the minimum dart weight that should humanely be used for a quick kill?
Does blowgun length play a part in being more effective in hunting?
Let me begin by stating that I am no expert, but thought I could shed a little light on your questions until others post. First question seems answered, yes. Second, darts need to be heavier than standard commercial darts and it is highly recommended that you use a .625 to help ensure that humane harvest. As important as weight is type of dart. That fancy custom x-acto broad head dart you made might fly through squirrel, but fall off of thick feathers (yet that modified stun dart might drop both). Lastly, length is good. The more pipe you have, the longer you're able to add thrust behind those big heavy hunting darts.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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