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NeonDog has this correct.

If you want to get a series of magnetic rings on the barrel to test the theory (@ $3.50), based on the internal ballistices, in order to get optimum performance, place the first one at 4 in. from the mouthpice end. This will keep the wire centered after passing the anti-inhale ring. Then place another one about every 9 in. down the barrel (so one each from the mouthpiece at 4, 13, 22, 31 and 40 inches - a total of five rings $17.50) to optimize the magnetic pull while the dart is shot.

Since these are static placed magnets, not electronically manipulated fields, as with a cyclotrone, they will have a slightly adverse affect of "keeping" the dart, rather than "pulling" it. Running the numbers on my PC, I see no real benefit to it.
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