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This idea has been done before and is not new. Seeing this funnel in the hardeware store the other day

reminded me to give it a try.

If your looking for a mouthpiece for your latest homemade, this might be the ticket. I bought a few the price...

$1.,29 ea.

Hand Tool Office instrument Gesture Office supplies

I make most of my pipes out of aluminum so I usually use heat shrink or electrical tape to cover the pipe.

In this case, elec tape. Here is the funnel.

Bicycle part Gas Office instrument Office supplies Writing instrument accessory

Next, I took a hacksaw and cut what I knew I wouldn't need away and discarded.

Finger Wood Bumper Thumb Revolver

This is what we are left with.

Hand tool Wood Geologist's hammer Tool Stonemason's hammer

At this point I'm realiziing that the circumfrance of the mouthpiece at least for my

face shape is just to big and will not make a good seal without air escaping so I

took my sidecutters and trimmed off some more plastic.

You could also use a saw, sander etc for doing this.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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Wood Finger Audio equipment Cable Bicycle part

Now, it's starting to look to what I am looking for and does provide a better seal.

Peripheral Wood Finger Input device Audio equipment

At this point I sanded the edge where the cut was made and it's nice and smooth

and ready to fit onto the pipe.

Wood Musical instrument Composite material Metal Tool

Now, you will be trimming the bottom narrow portion of the cone to fit onto your outer edge

of your pipe. This you want to take your time with because you want a tight fit, not loose

and wobbly. Cut or sand this back a little at a time when you start getting close to it

being able to slide over the pipe.

Automotive tire Grass Gas Wood Circle

Next I put some super glue down into the 'trough', between the cone and the aluminum

tubing. It will have to sit for awhile so it dries/cures.

Watch Musical instrument Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Tire

The last step I made was to attach a few inches of heat shrink around the whole outside

of pipe and the cone for a more finished look.

BTW, this is my first .50 caliber blowpipe.

Anyhow, a little simple, and cheap modification for your homemade blowguns that you

might find helpful.




1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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