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My Cal. 42

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Hello everyone,

I have a blowgun made out of a curtain rod. The blowgun is .42 caliber (10.6mm). I used a small funnel as a mouthpiece. For decoration I glued strips of black duct tape around it. I made the darts out of simple roulade skewers and paper.

My blowgun has a defect. The tube is slightly bent at one end. So I attached the mouthpiece to this end.

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I'm open to tips and tricks?

greetings from Germany

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I have now installed a handle. The handle is made of chestnut wood.
I removed the bark. Pulled a furrow with a rasp to attach the handle to the tube better.
Then sanded the handle a bit. And finally glued with hot glue.

Not beautiful, but rare :D The first two trial shots were great! Now the blowgun looks almost like a rifle. :D

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