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Here are my two current homemade blowguns. The first one on the left is my Malaysian-Borneo style blowgun with inner electrical PVC conduit barrel and outer aluminum case. The inner barrel is held by two electrical PVC box reducers.

When I originally posted this blowgun,Mr. Cryptid from this forum mentioned that is was hard to tell where the mouthpiece was due to the placement of the PVC reducers used on both ends of the blowgun.

Thanks to his comments, I made the barrel flush on the end of the blowgun. I also took off the original foam grip and wrapped the mouthpiece end with grey cotton cord.

Thanks second blowgun on the right is a six foot .625 ID-.75 OD aluminum tube with a Cold Steel mouthpiece. It has been wrapped twice with black self adherent wrap ( $1.25 Dollar Store).

I have to admit, when comparing both, the six foot to the five foot, the six foot is with out a doubt more powerful and accurate.

The darts in the pic are my wire darts made from “irrigation flags” ($2.08) from Lowes. The cones are made from Scotch Duct tape and are made using a technique from YouTube.

The plumb bob is from Harbor Freight ($2.99) and makes near perfect cones.

I am 64 years old and I have to say that I have been having a lot of fun with these blowguns, BUT the effect that it has had on my lung capacity is astounding. There is definable a therapeutic side to these

Thanks to all that have messaged me and a special thanks to Cryptid from this forum.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

[email protected]
Tampa, Florida
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I like that 6 footer what kind of velocity are you getting from that?
That’s a good idea, I use mine for hunting small game : rabbit, squirrel and dove . I haven’t taken a hog YET but I’m going to work on that.
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