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My First Attempt

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Well as a complete beginner I had a search around YouTube and went for a simple conduit 20mm pipe with a connector in fact I made 2 out of the length I bought, one at 4' and the other at 3'. I tried two types of dart; one with a kebab skewer with paper cone and one with a 2" nail and similar flight.

I can't believe how far a pointed stick will bed into a fence at 12 yards, an so impressed and can't wait to experiment more when I have a bit more time.

All the best ... Aelf
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Nice work. It is crazy the penetration one can attain with one of these things.
Nice. Try a 7 ft section with wire shaft darts!
Nice job! it is amazing the power of blowguns huh!
Looks good !!! But beware, it is addicting :)
looks great!!!! now its time for a metal dart!!
Looks great, that skewer really stuck in there.
Thank you all ..... More experimenting over the holiday period !!!

Aelf ... :)
Congratulations Aelf a wonderful "first attempt" indeed! And as jtilley said, it can be addicting (I'm so addicted) :eek: LOL

Wire darts were also mentioned and I have found that FLAG WIRE works well for my wire darts and the "flags" can be used to make cones too.

I bought 1 bundle of 100 21" long wire flags that, depending on the dart length, can make 3 or 4 darts per wire (300 to 400 darts for well under $10 [US] ).
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