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Nerf BG In California ?

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Well, a guy I work with got his Amazon BG in the mail and preceded to have it taken away by his wife ...LOL, LOL, LOL. (He was running around the house shooting the kids) ;- )

My question is ... I thought even Nerf BGuns were considered illegal, and any 5 year old would be thrown in jail with rapist and murderers if found with one !

The Nerf stop in the back may constitute the tube not being hollow and that would make it in the eyes of the law "NOT A BG". The law is very direct in wording of "Hollow Tube" so if you have a tube and it is blocked ... it is no longer a hollow tube and therefor can not be a Blowgun under the California law. The second you remove the blocking member, the tube is hollow and you are toast ... according to my readings ?

So far the govt has not knocked on his door and taken his kids away or murdered his wife or mother, so it may be OK ... we will see.

If it is OK (I will check fully), I can see some major Nerf wars in the shipping department) ;- )

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