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Hello Everyone,

I'm new here, though some of you may know me from the Lefora forum. A sad event finally prompted me to actually register here, though I've been browsing BlowgunForum for some time now.

It is with sadness that I report the passing away of David Sustak, whom most of you knew on the forums as Meijin or Craftsman, on May 10, 2015. Mr. Sustak was the author of "Fukiyado: The Way of the Sport Blowgun" and "Blowgunning for beginners". He was also working on "Sumpit Silat: The Blowgun Dance" which, as far as I know, was never completed.

I found out about his passing quite by accident while shopping for an unrelated item at Cafe Press, his publisher. When I checked to see if his latest book had been published, I was surprised to not find any of his books listed. I started a quick online search for his titles, and several links later unexpectedly came across his obituary.

I learned a lot from David about blowgunning through his books, posts, and direct communications. He will be missed.
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