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This ended up being tougher than I anticipated at the Slingshot forum. Well ... I am going to do it here too! The competition is simple. Trace 10 pennys onto a piece of paper (spread out, grouped together could just be luck). Take ten shots. Each circle hit is a point.

Now the blowgun version of this is slightly modified. The distance is still just 15 feet. With a catch. You can use any length blowgun .. but the length of the blowgun must be tacked onto the total distance. So for my video below I am using a 4 foot blowgun so I shot at 19 feet.

With blowguns it would be pretty easy to fake high scores ... so a video would be preferred here. Lets see who can get some high scores! The winner will get "something" ... I do not have a lot of extra cash .. but I will think of something. The video I posted tonight was my very first attempt at this . .. I will probably post a few more videos tonight if I score better.

With a blowgun targets can be reused many times. We don't care about prior holes. Just show the darts in the target.

Example target:


First attempt. Harder than expected.

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