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Precision ct .50 cal or .625 cold steel?

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Which blowgun would you recommend and why? I imagine more people will recommend the cold steel so I am wondering if a precision ct would be worth it to get also for something that is easier to shoot and use inside. Is the difference between the two big enough to get both or is on of the two good enough for everything you would want out of a blowgun? Thanks for any thoughts you have on these questions and please feel free to add anything else.
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Welcome to the forum Alzo .

The 62 cal 5 foot big bore in is the way to go . The reason is the power and accuracy . A good choice especially if your going to hunt . It is still wort having the 50 cal also . Its the medium ground between the 40 cal and 62 cal . 62 cal is my first choice for all applications indoor and out . The accurate 62 cal stun darts are another reason . Great for shooting indoors into a slingshot style catch box .
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Made mine in the day out of .550 ID aluminum tube covered in carbon tubing and then shrink tubing around it, had two sizes 40" and 60" long. Made the mouthpiece out wooden dowel. Used 5" steel wire from ground flags I bought at local hardware store and bamboo skewers that I cut to 9" long.

Cones were made from Tyvek 1" wrist bands (the cones can only be made one way) and because of the lubricity of Tyvek and its lightness, the darts are like bullets ! I made the cones about 1/32-1/16 larger diameter than the barrel, since Tyvek is so slippery the cones slide in and form a perfect seal !

I made a cone cutting jig so the cones come out perfect every time.
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